Are you tired of one-size-fits-all car insurance policies that don't meet your specific needs and expectations? Get the protection you need without overpaying for insurance starting today.


Are you tired of being locked into long term car insurance contracts that don’t suit your needs? Say hello to prepaid all-risk motor insurance!
Customers can now purchase coverage for a selected amount of kilometers.

Pay As You Go: As simple as it can get

A run down of how you can benefit as of today:

·        Online process to be able to get a quote.

·        Pay online via card

·        Lastly, get your insurance documentation online.

Keep in mind that your payment depends on the following factors:

1.      How many kilometers of cover you buy

2.      Rate/Km varies on car value

    Our Products

    Pay As You Go

    PAYG is Prepaid All-Risk motor insurance where customers may purchase prepaid mileage-based cover by buying cover only for a selected amount of kilometers based on the value of the vehicle.

    Benefit from:

    • Blue Arrow Your policy will cover your total loss, and TPL for the policy period and will cover own damages
    • Blue Arrow You can choose between two different options: Number of Kilometers: 8000 / 16000


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    Our Easy Claim Process - makes the biggest difference

    Initiating your claim is a simple as 1,2,3 ... We know that this will not be a good time for you to be worrying about these things.

    1- Go to Claim section on the website

    2- Fill in the required fields & submit your claim

    3- A representative will get back to you within 2 hours


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    Car Insurance in Dubai

    Car insurance, often deemed a necessary evil, plays a vital role in safeguarding both your car and your finances. In Dubai, a city renowned for its fast-paced lifestyle and ever-evolving infrastructure, car insurance is not just a legal requirement but a fundamental need. The city’s high traffic density and the risk of accidents make having car insurance a prudent choice.

    In this dynamic city, the car insurance market is fiercely competitive. Insurance providers offer a wide range of policies, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you own a luxury sports car, a family sedan, or a rugged SUV, there’s an insurance policy tailored to your requirements.

    Insurance Companies in Dubai and the UAE

    To navigate the complex world of car insurance in Dubai and the UAE, it’s imperative to choose a reputable insurance company that understands the unique demands of the region. Some of the top insurance companies in Dubai and the UAE include AXA, Orient Insurance, and RSA Insurance, among others.

    These insurance giants have built a solid reputation for their reliability and comprehensive services. They offer a wide array of insurance products, including motor insurance, home insurance, and health insurance. When considering an insurance provider, it’s essential to research their track record, customer service, and the variety of policies they offer.

    Selecting an insurer with a good reputation not only ensures that your claims will be processed efficiently but also guarantees that your coverage will be tailored to the specific needs of the UAE’s roads and driving conditions. By partnering with a reputable insurer, you can rest easy knowing that your car is in safe hands.

    Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, presents its own unique set of circumstances when it comes to car insurance. Like Dubai, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a thriving car culture, with a diverse array of vehicles gracing its streets. When considering car insurance in Abu Dhabi, you should explore the various options available to you.

    It’s important to consider factors such as the level of coverage you need, the type of vehicle you own, and your budget. Additionally, the emirate has specific regulations that may differ from other emirates in the UAE. Therefore, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the local requirements when choosing car insurance in Abu Dhabi.

    The best car insurance policy in Abu Dhabi should provide the right balance between comprehensive coverage, affordability, and flexibility. This balance ensures that you have the necessary protection without stretching your budget beyond reason. Key factors to consider include the policy’s inclusions and exclusions, the deductible, and the limits on coverage.

    Best Car Insurance in the UAE

    Determining the best car insurance in the UAE requires a careful assessment of multiple factors. These factors include the extent of coverage, the price, and the quality of customer service. In a market as diverse and competitive as the UAE, the “best” insurance policy can vary from person to person.

    Coverage is a primary consideration when evaluating car insurance policies. It’s essential to select a policy that covers the specific risks you are concerned about, whether it’s accidents, theft, or damage from natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage may be the best choice for those looking for maximum protection, but it comes at a higher cost.

    Price is another key factor to consider. Car insurance premiums can vary significantly based on the type of car you own, your driving history, and the level of coverage you desire. It’s crucial to find a policy that strikes the right balance between cost and coverage to ensure that you’re not overpaying for unnecessary features.

    Customer service also plays a significant role in determining the best car insurance in the UAE. In the event of a claim, you want an insurer that is responsive and efficient. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can be helpful in gauging the quality of customer service provided by different insurance companies.

    Buying Insurance Online

    Purchasing car insurance online has become a popular and convenient option in the UAE. With the advancement of technology, buying insurance online has revolutionized the insurance industry, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Here are some of the key benefits of buying insurance online:

    Convenience: Online insurance platforms like Doozy Online allow you to research, compare, and purchase insurance from the comfort of your own home or office. You can access all the information you need at your fingertips.

    Time-saving: Online platforms streamline the insurance purchasing process, eliminating the need for multiple in-person meetings and paperwork. You can complete the entire process in a fraction of the time it takes through traditional methods.

    Comparison: Online platforms make it easy to compare different insurance policies, their coverage, and pricing. This helps you make an informed decision and choose the best policy for your needs.

    Instant Quotes: Online tools provide you with instant insurance quotes based on your specific requirements. You can adjust the parameters to see how different factors impact the cost of your coverage.

    Car Insurance Quotes and Prices

    When seeking car insurance in Dubai and the UAE, obtaining quotes is a crucial step in the process. Insurance quotes provide you with an estimate of the cost of your coverage. The pricing of car insurance can vary significantly based on a range of factors:

    • Type of Vehicle: The make and model of your vehicle have a significant impact on your insurance premium. High-end, luxury cars typically come with higher insurance costs due to their expensive repair and replacement parts.
    • Coverage Level: The extent of coverage you choose plays a significant role in determining the price of your policy. Comprehensive coverage, which includes protection against a wide range of risks, is more expensive than basic coverage.
    • Age and Experience: Your age and driving experience are factors that insurers consider when calculating your premium. Young and inexperienced drivers usually face higher premiums due to a perceived higher risk.
    • Driving History: A clean driving record with no accidents or traffic violations can help reduce your insurance costs. Insurers reward safe drivers with lower premiums.

    Typical Car Insurance Prices in Dubai

    In Dubai, car insurance prices can vary widely, with an annual premium ranging from AED 1,000 to AED 10,000 or more. The exact cost of your insurance will depend on the factors mentioned above. However, on average, here are some approximate annual insurance premiums for different types of vehicles:

    Compact car: AED 1,000 – AED 3,000

    Midsize car: AED 2,000 – AED 5,000

    Luxury car: AED 5,000 – AED 10,000 or more

    Please note that these are approximate figures and actual prices may vary based on your specific circumstances and the insurance provider you choose.

    Cheap Car Insurance in Dubai and the UAE

    1. Finding affordable car insurance in Dubai and the UAE is a goal shared by many, and there are strategies to help you achieve this:
    2. Compare Quotes: One of the most effective ways to find cheaper car insurance is by comparing quotes from different insurance providers. Online platforms like Doozy Online can help you easily compare policies and find the best deal.
    3. Increase Deductibles: You can lower your premium by opting for a higher deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Be sure to choose a deductible that you can comfortably afford in case of an accident.
    4. Drive Safely: Maintaining a clean driving record is essential to keep your insurance costs down. Safe driving not only reduces the risk of accidents but also makes you eligible for safe driver discounts.
    5. Bundle Policies: Consider bundling your car insurance with other insurance policies, such as home insurance. Insurance companies often offer discounts for bundling multiple policies.
    6. Seek Discounts: Many insurance providers offer various discounts, such as good driver discounts, multi-car discounts, and discounts for installing safety features in your vehicle. Be sure to inquire about these opportunities.

    Comparison of Car Insurance in Dubai

    • Comparing car insurance policies is an integral part of finding the best coverage for your needs. When comparing policies, keep the following points in mind:
    • Coverage: Examine the extent of coverage provided by each policy. Ensure that it meets your specific needs, including protection against accidents, theft, and natural disasters.
    • Premiums: Compare the cost of premiums for different policies. Consider how much you’re willing to pay for insurance and find a policy that offers the right balance between cost and coverage.
    • Deductibles: Review the deductibles for each policy. A higher deductible typically results in lower premiums but may require you to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim.
    • Additional Benefits: Some insurance policies come with added benefits, such as roadside assistance or rental car coverage. Evaluate these extras to determine their value to you.
    • Reviews and Ratings: Read customer reviews and check the ratings of insurance companies. Positive feedback and high ratings indicate a company’s trustworthiness and quality of service.